A Traveling Gentleman is a musician with a dream to write, and perform, songs that people can relate to and use to understand any situation they may be going through.


“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, you’re going to want to turn your radio up for this song, it’s one of Rock ‘N’ Roll’s finest!” announced a DJ in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A little boy asked his father if they could turn it up and when they did, the intro to “Welcome to the Jungle” echoed through the boy’s heart, as we know with the renowned riff. Since then, the boy would dream of playing in front of thousands of people. At the age of nine, his father decided to give in and sign him up for classes and, throughout the years, he found his sound.


His teacher, Bob Hunt, started him on the right path by introducing him to fellow musicians at the local Music Showcase; once the lad was comfortable, he found himself as a co-front man in a band called the “Playground Junkies.” Rock ‘N’ Roll was their forte: AC/DC, Gun ‘N’ Roses, Elvis Presley, and other popular R n R artists became a part of their repertoire. You wouldn’t believe it now, but that kid used to sing “Sweet Child of Mine.”


As time carried, the band of young musicians would part ways, and in an almost movie-like fashion each one went off to do something different, but there was always one who would carry on the musical dream. That was this boy, the one you are reading about. It took a few years, with different projects and inspirational artists to finally bring him to the artist he has become today.

Who inspired him? Who the Hell is A Traveling Gentleman? “I am the traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been,” as quoted in the second line of “Kashmir” by the legendary Led Zeppelin. Growing up, you could show him any other Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, or even Johnny Cash song and he wouldn’t be interested. These artists that are normally revered were ones he had no appreciation for, but this second line of Kashmir was the lyric that stuck to him since he was ten years old. He finally found himself deep in a folk sound that was inspired by Mumford and Sons. Something about those lads sparked a fire in his heart that would never go out. So between them and the aforementioned artists, he took to his writing. A step in a new direction, a journey he was ready for.


As previously stated, he works to write songs that people can relate to and the reason he goes to music is for the same reason. Searching for answers during tough times or looking for new ideas, even just to jam out on a great day. When he came back to his favorite Led Zeppelin lyric, he would create the alter ego: A Traveling Gentleman. Someone not so specific, or special, because he’s like any other person experiencing life, and this is the message he wants to spread. Even though he may be helping someone through the other end of the radio through something, he wants them to be A Traveling Gentleman, or A Traveling Lady, and learn to take on life’s lovely sense of humor in their own way. This is A Traveling Gentleman